A Poem by the Fighting Irish Preview Poet.

2020 the year of Covid

We’ve loved our Irish and we vo-ted.

A bye week ranked #2 at 8-0,

Let’s review and enjoy the glow.


Week one the Dukies they were tough,

Valiantly fought to call our bluff.

But we got to know a man named Kyren,

Running the football became his play-pen.


Next up South Florida Charlie Jr. coaching ‘em up,

A guru of offense and ND guy since a pup.

The defense tenacious and C’Bo a stud,

A 52-0 bashing, Jr’s offense a dud.


Game 3 Florida State came to town,

Looking to avoid an Irish beat down.

But points were cheap Kyren Williams ran wild,

The once great Seminoles again were defiled.


The Cardinal next came looking to spoil the roll,

Jonathan Doerer for a half the offense’s soul.

The oline then inflicted insult and injury,

A brutal close game ended in victory.


The Pitt Panthers hosted the first game on the road,

Proud of their defense, Narduzzi blather flowed.

The Irish offense was balanced Skowronek scored two,

Ian Book and great defense led another breakthrough.

Next on to Atlanta against Georgia Tech

The Irish were favorites to blow out the Ramblin’ Wreck.

A 31-13 win, just a oh hum day,

But a perfect 6-0 with #1 on the way.


The date had been circled, Kelly had to admit,

The Irish greeted Clemson with some old school spirit.

Ian! Kyren! Avery Davis! The Defense! #1 went down,

A monster step taken towards an elusive national crown.


Now the Irish have gone to 8-0 at BC,

Skowronek and Book hooked up for three.

Penalties and turnovers a bit of a mixed bag

,But the glow of 8-0 is something to brag!

ByPhil Houk

For over 25 years, bringing you the glory of Notre Dame football.

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