By: The Fighting Irish Preview Poet

A September to Remember

4-0 to end September

A Fighting Irish month to remember.

New players everywhere

And fans back in the stadium air.


Week one at Florida State

Heart stopping overtime was our fate.

But Doerer was true

His 41 yarder went through.


In Week two came Toledo

Upset intent was their credo.

But Coan to Mayer was a dagger

Wrecked The Rocket’s 4th qtr. swagger.


Week three the Boilers came calling

Karlaftis and Bell in for a mauling.

But, Irish Big Plays became cheap

Kyren from 39 and Avery Davis went deep.


Next Kelly going for 106 in old Chi town

The Badgers for 45 minutes would not back down.

But then Tyree broke their back

And Freeman’s defense finished the attack.


Now Cincy looms as September fades out

Ranked #7 Irish football has clout.

And though the games have been heated

This year’s team is still undefeated.

ByPhil Houk

For over 25 years, bringing you the glory of Notre Dame football.

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