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 Close But No Cigar: Cal had five losses by seven or fewer points last season, add another now in 2022. We are still Marshall? :  The Herd failed to thunder this week against 1-1 Bowling Green, losing in overtime 34-31.  Ohio State played hoops against Toledo, winning 77 to 21.  Priceless:  Manti Te’o getting emotional over his thundering reception pre-game from the ND crowd.  Te’o 2: Manti’s response to my question pre-game about what his message to a 0-2 Notre Dame facing adversity was, “You can’t do anything about 0-2, but you can do something today.” Message received. Offensive Offense: the first seven possessions of Saturday’s game were all three and outs resulting in punts. Cal notched the initial first down at the game at 4:10 mark of the first. The Good Old Days: ND’s first drive of the third quarter a 60-yard nine play drive culminating in a Audric Estime plunge for a score was a physical mix of 6 runs and 3 passes.  Visions of a game controlling ground game made an appearance in my brain. 12 quarters: No Takeaways:  Despite Cal’s best efforts to end ND’s  two game takeaway drought, not once but twice in the game’s closing minutes,  plays were overturned that would have ended the streak of futility, and the Irish remain 0 for 2022 in takeaways. Passing “D” Progress:  Cal’s Jack Plummer completed just 16 of 37 for a completion rate of 43% Saturday.  That’s good for the Irish pass defense, and quite an improvement over what Marshall’s Henry Columbi’s and Ohio State’s CJ Stroud combined for at over 70%.

Until next week at 3-0 North Carolina, (in typical ACC scheduling fashion, IDLE this past week), appreciate a VICTORY, some baby steps of improvement and…..

Keep the Faith.

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