Marcus Freeman confers with Athletics Director Jack Freeman, University President Father John Jenkins and Senior Associate Athletic Director for Football, Ron Powlus in August 2022. (Photo: Phil Houk)

As Lee Corso might say about the public outcry about Notre Dame’s alleged unwillingness to pay the contractual buyout of Utah offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig, “Not so fast my friend.”

Tim Prister of Irish Illustrated is reporting that according to Notre Dame, ND was in fact willing to pay Ludwig’s buy out, but that the exact amount of and mechanics of the buyout process caused a delay. Notre Dame expected the snag or “obstacle” as it was called by Pete Thamel of Sports Illlustrated (who broke the original story) to be, according to Prister, “resolved in short order.” During this delay however Ludwig apparently had second thoughts and would not give ND a final answer. At that point ND decided to move on in its search.

That Ludwig might have second thoughts about leaving Utah does not come as a surprise to those who have closely followed the story. Ludwig is in his second stint at Utah as their offensive coordinator having first held the position from 2005-2008 and again beginning in 2019. ND would have been Ludwig’s 8th FBS career stop plus two stops at Utah since 2001. Besides being very successful, Ludwig was reportedly very comfortable with the job and culture at Utah. After having bounced around at four different schools after his initial stint at Utah, staying in the same place, maybe this time for good, certainly may have had some appeal.

Also according to Prister, a statement from Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick is expected shortly. Additionally Marcus Freeman will go before the press on February 20. Early this week Irish Illustrated reported that ND will be promoting Tight Ends coach Gerad Parker to the Offensive Coordinator’s job. That announcement is expected to become official Friday, February 17.

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