Brian Kelly was feeling feisty after his Irish pulled out a nail biting, intriguing and very entertaining 32-29 win over Virginia Tech. Here are a few samples:

“You’ll find negative things to write about this game and that’s why I don’t really care. As a coach, what I take from these games is watching a guy like Jack Coan come in under those circumstances and rise above it….”

 “I didn’t name him the starting quarterback because he came up on the ouija board……

“We had to go to the bullpen. Enter Mariano Rivera today. Enter Sandman. He closed it out for us.”

“My gosh. I don’t know if he’s got blood in his veins. I was nervous on the sideline. I was trying to get the guy to stop with the laser. Finally, Jon said, ‘Coach, let’s just kick.’ “

“Kyren ran with an edge today. You saw him run and break through on that second or third touchdown. That was beast mode for him. He had an edge about him today.” 

“Why are we throwing these kids out of the game? Like really? The targeting we saw later in the game, that’s targeting when you lead with your helmet. That wasn’t targeting (Evans). There’s guys upstairs that obviously felt differently, but Mitchell was caught in between. He’s supposed to come down on the end and we didn’t motion him down. Kyle Hamilton took one step and then delivered a blow. It was clean. Jerry said he hit him too high. I’d have to slow it down and give you a better indication. I didn’t feel like those were dirty plays from that perspective.”

ByPhil Houk

For over 25 years, bringing you the glory of Notre Dame football.

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