The Windy City, Chi-town, The City of Broad Shoulders, The City that Works, The City by the Lake, The Heartland of America, Chicago is my kind of town, Sweet Home Chicago.

The city of Chicago is roughly 95 miles west of Notre Dame; but it might as well be right next door.

At over 20,000 strong, the City of Chicago is home to the largest Notre Dame Alumni club in the world.

And, located in the heart of Chicago is historic Soldier Field.  

In 1927 Notre Dame and Knute Rockne defeated USC 7-6 at Soldier Field in front of 120,000 fans.  That is the largest crowd in college football history.

In 1929 when Notre Dame Stadium was being built, the Irish officially had no home games, but they played 3 in Soldier Field, ended that season 9-0 and made history by winning another National Championship for Rockne. In fact, beginning in 1924 Notre Dame has played 12 Games in Soldier Field, and has never lost. 

This week the 3-0 Irish roll in to Chicago for a Shamrock Series match-up against the 1-1, #18th ranked Wisconsin Badgers. It’s an important match-up any way you look at it but another thing is on the line that would add to the historic mystique of Notre Dame playing at Soldier Field.


Brian Kelly has won 105 games as the head Coach at Notre Dame and so has Knute Rockne. 

The Irish hope to go to 4-0 this week and to add to it’s “Windy City” history as Brian Kelly looks to get to win # 106 at Soldier Field in……

Sweet Home Chicago.

ByPhil Houk

For over 25 years, bringing you the glory of Notre Dame football.

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