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A college football team, fresh off an impressive Saturday afternoon dismantling of another opponent, just hours later is struck a brutal, debilitating blow from an invisible and vengeful foe that discriminates against none.

Contemplate the joy of last Saturday afternoon’s romp and the abject despair that has been wrought a few hours later.

Consider the implementation of a battleplan, the result of untold hours of brain power expenditure that is suddenly and viciously vanquished.

Welcome to a dimension on the frontier of 133 years of glorious Notre Dame football history.

Welcome to Fighting Irish Preview 2020 in,

The Covid Zone.

Last week the Irish dominated South Florida in near every aspect of the game. 6 rushing TDs, 281 yards rushing, no turnovers, a 35-0 halftime lead, stifling defense.

An identity coming into focus, run the football and play defense, new players stepping in and stepping up all over the field. 52-0 final.

Indeed, last week the Irish had the look of a team to believe in.

This week, the 2020 season is on hold, another victim of,

The Covid Zone.

ByPhil Houk

For over 25 years, bringing you the glory of Notre Dame football.

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