For 22 months the greatest of all College football weekends have been on hiatus in South Bend Indiana. This weekend it is BACK!

And just in case your memory has faded a bit, here is a refresher course.

May I have your attention please….

The nation’s first University band, and the “Hike-step” routine.

Trumpets under the Dome, the Pep rally, and stadium flyovers.

Gold helmets, The Golden Dome, the bookstore and the shirt.

A shot of whiskey and a cigar left at Rock’s grave.

Leahy, Moose, Rudy, Lou, and the era of Ara.

The bagpipe band, tailgate Parties, player walk and more tailgate parties

The Leprechaun, The Grotto, the Gipper and the Irish Guard.

Notre Dame our Mother, the 1812 Overture, and America the Beautiful.

The Victory Clog and the Victory March.

We are ND, and Mass at the Basilica, “30 minutes after each home game”.

Fair Catch Corby, we’re number One Moses and Touchdown Jesus

This week when the 1-0 Blue and Gold take the field against the Toledo Rockets for their home opener, the thing that millions of God Country Notre Dame fans…. LIVE FOR, and missed so much last year……….is……. back.

So, get your game face on because…Here Come the IRISH!

ByPhil Houk

For over 25 years, bringing you the glory of Notre Dame football.

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